Water Proofing Membrane Hyperstone is a two-component cement based mortar with special resins used for the waterproofing of construction
It is suitable for both positive and negative pressures. It has excellent waterproofing properties and excellent elasticity.
The product exceeds the requirements of EN 1504-2 regarding concrete surface protection materials.


It is applied in concrete, brick, stone, AAC, plaster and on mineral base surfaces.
It is suitable for waterproofing of water tanks and swimming pools The material is not suitable for wall leveling



 Substrate preparation

The substrate must be stable, clean, free from oil, dirt, and debris and have its ultimate strength. Surfaces are recommended to be primed prior to application.
Any imperfections, cracks and voids are covered with the appropriate repair materials.
It is forbidden to apply the material to surfaces with standing water or water leaks.
In case of waterproofing plastered walls for negative pressures, the plaster must be removed.

Preparation of mixture
In a clean container add the emulsion. Under constant stirring with a low-speed mixer, gradually add the mortar. Stir for 5 minutes to form a lightweight, lump-free mass that spreads easily. Allow the mixture to mature for 5 minutes and mix again

The material is applied in two thin layers on the surface with a brush or coarse brush so that it penetrates all the voids.
The second layer is applied crosswise on the first when it is pulled but before it is fully dried (fresh on the fresh)
If necessary apply a third layer in the same way.
The material can also be applied with a metal spatula. In this case the mixture becomes a little dense.

Mixing ratio
The emulsion / mortar ratio is 1/1 pack, ie 610 grams of emulsion are added 1000 gr of mortar

Pot life
3-4 hours under constant agitation and depending on weather conditions


2 – 4 Kg / m2 in two layers, depending on the roughness of the surface

Storage – Shelf life

The material is stored in closed packages and in places protected from humidity and extreme weather conditions for 12 months after the date of production.

   Cleaning tools

With plenty of water after use