Produced from natural mineral materials

Proofing Hyperstone

TETOROS CONSTRUCTION APPLICATIONS designs, produces and markets a system of special construction materials comprised of non-metallic minerals with environmentally-friendly properties and austere innovative features.

Specifically: the company produces the flexible stone  Proofing Hyperstone which is used for the cover and the energy upgrade of existing and newly-built buildings.

The company started business in 1986, in 1995 has created a group of companies and in 2012, after having received a patent of invention for the proofing hyperstone, has created “TETOROS ATHANASSIOS STRUCTURAL APPLICATIONS” for the production of the product proofing hyperstone.

The quality (all the properties and characteristics of the product that covers specific needs), the physical properties (the limit of heat resistance, resistance to humidity, to fire, to tension and the yield strength, the soundproofing properties, the easiness of processing and installation, the resistance to time), the environmental properties (friendly to the environment), the value proposition (all the advantages claimed by the company), and the value of easiness created for the customer maximize the potential for the development of these useful durable goods.

The company is oriented to total quality and is focused to the development of competitive products, of increased added value, contributing to the reinforcement of extrovert competitiveness. We have invested in exemplary service and in the development of a sustainable business activity with a dedicated clientele. We have a strategy for extroversion, without specific geographical limits. We use suitable tools for promotion, managing to serve clients both domestically and internationally.

Our mission is the excellent manufacture of innovative construction / decoration products and our vision is to become the best producer of non-metallic mineral products in the entire world. We support the aesthetic and continuous improvement of the quality of life and we exist to attract and preserve customers.

We are open to cooperations with small-medium sized or large sized renovation & construction companies around the world.We are flexible in small and large quantities either!