It is a very strong aliphatic polyurethane two component varnish. It is odorless and particularly useful for protecting floorboards and worktops due to its high friction resistance and chemical agents. It is transparent, matte and offers excellent waterproofing to the surfaces to be applied.

   It is the most suitable material for the protection of HYPERSTONE surfaces for indoor and outdoor use
It is also suitable for the protection of cementitious floors and floor coverings.
Not recommended for surfaces with long standing water, water tanks and swimming pools.

How to apply

Preparation – Application: Mix well with a low-speed mixer in its packaging. Empty into this component B and continue to slowly mix the two components so that they are completely homogenized. Then apply the varnish to the surface in one layer with a roll, roller or brush. If desired, a second layer can be applied before the first one is wet (wet on wet). The varnish will dry after 24 hours, while its full features will develop after 7 days


Mixing ratio

A component 100 gr B component 22 gr

Pot life

After mixing the two components, the varnish has a shelf life of 3 hours

Cleaning tools

Tools are cleaned with plenty of water immediately after use
Use gloves and goggles and avoid contact with skin and eyes. In such a case, rinse with plenty of clean water and seek advice from a doctor